Friday, July 23, 2010

It's Nice to Know...

...I'm not the only one that has massive amounts of passive-aggressive hate for grown-ass people who have not been potty-trained. Gas stations? Restaurants? Shopping malls? Whatever! I'm talking about a bona fide office situation here. When I worked custodial as a teen, I was horrified to find what kids would wipe on the walls...horrified at the actions of PRETEENS. Who knew it was something to cherish for a lifetime? Things I have seen/heard:

--piss on floors, toilet seat, walls.
--shit on toilet seat and walls.
--menstrual situations on toilet seat, floor, and walls.
--countless incidents of excreting without washing.

Really? REALLY? This isn't an inability to handle oneself on account of a nerve disability. Maybe some of it, but not all of it. The rest? Pure. Uncaged. Crazy.

The best game in the world is eyeballing your coworkers trying to figure out which one is a closeted psychotic.

Things I haven't seen first hand but were reported by trusted co-workers:

--a complete diarrheal blowout covering walls and toilet.
--a neat pile of clipped pubes on the stall floor.

I haven't seen boogers yet, but surely it will occur to someone to aspire to that eventually.



Blogger ymathew said...

GIRL. Was this sign from the 3rd floor? And you must have bathroom stories from someone other than me? How about C-Rod bravely posting the sanitary napkin/tampon disposal policy on the bathroom stall--as brave as Luther, I say. And the horse-pee-er? And remember the foot-kicker-outer-whilst-groaning-pooper? Wait, all of those are from me. I am the bathroom chronicler.

10:19 PM  

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