Friday, July 02, 2010

Yo Mama

An old work pal posted this video on Facebook, which I loved but chose not to repost because of the churchy folks that would have undoubtedly been offended. I have my reasons for not wanting to draw any more ire from that particular social networking site since I recently inadvertently pissed someone off with a status update that had nothing to do with anyone but myself. I was both upset and angry to get called out for something I didn't do, but it was also a perfect lesson in the tricky world of social networking sites. I think I'm just going to leave my status blank for awhile so no one else gets the wrong impression.

Which leads me to the video! The two events, I might add, are mutually exclusive. I saw this post on the same day I got the message of anger -- neither has anything to do with the other. The posting of the video is not DIRECTED at anyone: I just think it's funny. I'm allowed to think it's funny. I'm allowed to have thoughts and make comments without someone taking it personally--for no reason--and making me feel bad for saying what's on my mind. Also, if you don't like cursing or meanness, maybe you should skip this video. You won't be able to handle it.

YAY, don't you feel aggressive now? I certainly do. And, for the record, my favorite burn is one I heard when I was in second grade, when we were all trading our favorite dirtyswears with each other in Willis' class. Ready? (Stop reading if cursing upsets you!)


*Love*! I can't find the origin but it is in the Urban Dictionary as "a really big insult." Gee, ya think?


Blogger ymathew said...

I'm going to watch this at home...interns shouldn't be watching curse videos!

2:38 PM  

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