Sunday, June 06, 2010

General What’s Up-edness

Note that I changed my About Me video at right because A) I love Bobby Goren, B) it is the craziest convergence of crazy that speaks to my most awkward soul, being that Bobby is working with a man with Asperger’s syndrome (also, 80s mainstay actor extraordinaire, Mark Linn-Baker) and, C) they do remind me of chickens…such twitchy, pausing lurchyness must be admired and compared. Just like chickens, you can sense an underlying sense of high intelligence, instability, and an Ultimate Desire for Truth. Just. Like. Chickens.


Look, I apologize. I know my soul is pure vinegar and sugartits. This video makes me laugh aloud every time. I swear, if I wasn’t sitting here right now, I’m pretty sure I’m driving that car.

Click here to VROOM.

Hangover Chicken

I realize there is a lack of chickens on this chinatownchicken blog. So, to celebrate chickens, I have to post this awesomeness because it features: Chickens, Ed Helms, and The Hangover, a movie I can’t help loving. Maybe I’m a Bro, after all. I do tend to love the Bro movies.

The Office, UK

It’s amazing, first that Netflix streaming exists, but second because I can watch this shit via my Wii and TV AT WILL. And the most wondrous UK miracle of The Office is offered there, just a part of my usual membership, no extra charge, which is a miracle in and of itself. Thirdly, specifically to this joy, this is a show you can watch, in its entirety, over the course of a day. Which I did. And, can I just say, the David Brent dance scene never stops being cackling out loud funny.

Baby Chicken, Shleeeeepy

Let’s celebrate more chickens on this here site. OMG. Kittens and puppies are cute, but look at this little peep. She is so sleeeeeeepy. *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

The Truth! About me.

What I Eat on an Average Day

Breakfast: 2 eggs and cheese on a whole wheat roll from the Natural Deli, usually cooked up for me by my sugarhoney Chilo, who has worked there since I’ve gone there since 2001.

Lunch: Usually a sandwich or sushi from the same Natural Deli. My fave sandwich is turkey & swiss on rye. Fave sushi is spicy tuna rolls.

Dinner: Anything with Basmati rice. Usually chicken from the George Foreman grill (loaded with salt, pepper, paprika, olive oil, etc.) and a side veg. I involve a hot sauce of some kind, either cayenne or siracha.

What I Do on an Average Day

Trudge up two flights of stairs in a Fabulous Olde Timey Building to settle quietly into my office, sipping a coffee and cruising through the morning’s emails. I usually have an average of 20 emails waiting for me, most of which need some sort of response. Most of my job is email-centric, and I spend a great amount of time dealing with these emails. I usually have at least 30 books in play, so I’m filing emails, answering emails, or running in a circle on fire, screaming and flailing, doing the usual managerial thing.

What I Do on a Non Average Day

Meet with friends, usually in bars, to toast to general fistfuckyness, and commiserate on our shared annoyed existence. Right now, Ms. Shinypants McLibrarianess is experiencing a level of HAPPY both unfamiliar and unsettling, but it is both exhilarating and unnerving to hear of her many tales of glee. (Mind you Shinypants, I LOVE it, and BRING IT ON, forever, but the audience should know that the GLOW is earned, not forced.) I kill my pain by watching insane amounts of Netflix via the Wii (new life calling!) or partaking of my new Wii game Super Mario Galaxy 2, which is of a similar awesomeness to Super Mario Galaxy, but all new so completely intoxicating.

Am I dating? Heh. What do YOU think?

Finally, Ronnie.


Blogger ymathew said...

I can force the Glow. The terminator will make it happen.

Even my hour-long commute is shiny.

Also, I love the day-in-the-life. Ironies of ironies? No soundcard on this computer so cannot watch you videos of glory.

10:52 AM  

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