Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Like Turtles

I love them because they are so weird, kind of mean, and totally the cutiest booties ever.

Tortoise Gets Satisfaction

This is how it starts. You watch a video linked on CuteOverload and forget about it. Then, out of nowhere, always at work, the song weasels into your head and suddenly you can’t run estimates, check proofs, complete purchase orders…you can only rerun this video in your head over and over. There’s no snapping out of it, friends.

Let the turtlecentric post begin!

Mr. Pokeylope

One of my favorite games features a menagerie of weirdo characters, the most compelling of all being Mr. Pokeylope. Enjoy.

You don’t actually get to play him. You just get to lure him with cake and levitate him out of his cage. Llllllame.

Om Nom Nom Nom

CuteOverload ruins my life. Look at heeeeeeeeeeem (or herrrrrrrrrrr). OMG OMG. The original post is actually a million times cuter with captions.

Now, Noms in Motion

The very definition of “ehn!”

I Like Turtles

I know. Weird. But today was totally turtle-y and this post could not be repressed. Yay to compulsions!!


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