Sunday, May 09, 2010

Vincent D`Onofrio Tributes, FYI He's Not Dead

Okay, ladies, calm down. Vincent is not dead. You wouldn't know it by YouTube standards. There are about 50,000 Vincent D'Onofrio tribute videos...and while he's not dead, he is done with Law & Order: Criminal Intent, which I guess is the same as being dead? Anyway, here's should check out the rest, btw, because they are obsessive, loving, lusty, and (yes) scary at times...all good, or bad, I guess, if you happen to be famous. PS. one of the vids that supposedly features a shirtless VD is actually my one and only true MAN, Adam Baldwin, I'm pretty sure of it. Enjoy it, regardless. As they say, it is all good.


Blogger Toby said...

Vincent D'Onofrio will always only be Leonard Lawrence aka "Private Pyle".

Joker: Leonard, if Hartman catches us in here, we'll be in world of shit.
Pyle: I *AM* in a world of shit.
Joker: Are those live rounds?
Pyle: Seven Six Two millimeter, full metal jacket.

10:12 AM  
Blogger Shiny said...

If God wanted you up there He would have miracled your ass up there, wouldn't he?

10:49 PM  

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