Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lost Treasures

It is amazing in this age of internets and availability all the things we once coveted so completely. I remember seeking high and low for the following two clips. I searched high and low. I bartered, I threatened, I stole. And here we are. I click a button and they are right here, easily accessible to any imbecile with a laptop. It makes me sick! I feel like Shelby's mom screaming WILL THEY EVERY KNOW!! They won't. They will never know.

In this age of whenever, whatever it is hard to remember what it was like to burn for something. To really, really knock the living shit out our yourself to procure something sweet and perfect. In high school I spent a SICK amount of time searching for the VHS of Sixteen Candles. At the time, it was something like $80 dollars. Can you conceive of such a thing?

NO. You cannot. Because you are a beeb. You have no sense of the darktimes. How could you ever know what we endured???

Finally, the beauty: I Need to Know, covered by Stevie Nicks, and Come Up and See Me, covered by Duran Duran. Let me lay out the latter experience for you...1983, before my best friend Lisa was absconded to Venezuela for NO REASON at all...watching this concert special on Mtv, but before that walking to Knolla's Pizza on Ridge Blvd and ordering two small cokes and one medium pepperoni pizza. Walking back to Lisa's apartment full of pizza and youthful alight with oxygen and fresh cells. Can I just say, enjoy this easy life, assholes. We came by it the hard way, seeking, bartering, threatening...and now, my childhood, in a YouTube glance...


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