Sunday, September 05, 2010

Wham! Bam! & People of Walmart

Look, I'm going to NOT LIE and confess that this song pops up in my life soundtrack more than humanly justifiable...I don't know whyyyy. I only know that it does. Maybe it speaks to some "Enjoy watcha DO" part of my psyche that craves acceptance and congratulations. Because I do deserve both acceptance AND congratulations (so overdue!) but I digress...

Having perused the latest offerings from People of Walmart, it blasted straight into my psyche and all I could think was: WHY have I not posted this before??? Because A.) I am old so it was only a matter of time and B.) how much do you love George Michael I MEAN COME ON PEOPLE. I say for this video alone he gets a lifetime pass on being hiiiigh and passing out in cars. Come. On. Wham!



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