Saturday, September 18, 2010


Clearly, I love otters. I also love badgers (see right, Badgers!) but THIS is just getting redonk. I mean, badgers and otters living together?? It is madness! And beyond insanely cute! And I am not the only one...apparently I am not the only one under the spell of the badgersbadgersmushroommushroom spell. Look at all the YouTube explosions of the same vein of crazy.

Are we unhinged? Are we sick? Are we...cylons? Maybe. Maybe. I'd love to understand how so many people love this weird little clip so dearly. It doesn't make sense. Even as I watch it I think...why am I watching this? Why? It makes. No. Sense. Yet the love and devotion is extreme.

Any theories are welcome. I mean, badgers are cute, but so are kittens, puppies, and fat, rolly babies. WTF? Really?

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