Tuesday, September 14, 2010

M Night Shamalamadingdong

Sexaaaayy? Jeebusaaaay?

LOOK. I've wanted to say that for so long, and so I have, so DEAL. This poor, poor asshat. He started off with such a great movie (the Sixth Sense), but he's jacked himself so thoroughly now that it is hard to respect him at all. I've just watched The Village again and I have to say, it is still a creepy freakshow even if you know the trick at the end. He CAN do it; he's capable.

Sidenote about The Village: I saw this in the theater and totally FREAKED OUT. The creatures were awesome...the spooky claws! UGH. The theaters were filled with screams! I really did enjoy it.

M Night's problem is himself. Someone in the room takes himself waaaaay too seriously. Sometimes he pulls it back enough to endure: Unbreakable only had a small cameo, same with The Village. Great! But M Night is a frustrated actor. Worse, he is a frustrated Jesus. He doesn't want to just be the writer, director, cinematographer, best boy, whathaveyou. NO. He wants to be the Pivotal Character. Worseworse? He wants to be the everlovin Jeebus.

Terrible Mistake 1? Signs. Good fun! Aliens! Coming to get you! Wheee! So why does he have to be the Conflicted Guy Who Kilt the Girl Who Tells the Secret of the Story? Why? Why M Night? He's desperate to play a Major Character with Dramatic Monologues. So, he did it. Llllllame.

Terrible Most Egregious Mistake 2? God, have you seen Lady in the Water? When you see it, you feel so sorry for everyone involved. There are some great ideas there, sure. But it's ham handed, for one. And let's get serious, the most horrid part is the fact that he assigned the part of the MLK JFK Jeebus Character to himself. The One Who Saves Humanity with His Words. Frustrated writer, anyone? As a former writer, I was deeply humiliated on behalf of Shamalamadingdong. Seriously, dude. Tell the truth: You think you are the writer who saves humanity, right? In real life? Ugh. Shame shame shame.

It makes me sad for him, honestly, because he's obviously talented. (PS. Not everything has to have a twist, fool.) It is too bad his blowhard ego had to overshadow his sense of vision. And, no. I will never see the Airbender of Excellence movie...whatever it is called...anymore than I'm watching that extremely soaring, highly silly Owl Hero movie. I LOVE OWLS. But the radiant grandeur is just as easy to swallow as M Night's Aw Shucks Am I the Savior two step. Shhhaaaame.


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