Monday, January 08, 2007

Holy Ghost Claims: Oogie Boogie Boogie

I LOVE LOVE LOVE going home. There are too many reasons, but here are a few:
  1. That is where I keep my homies.
  2. I get to drive the truck.
  3. People are friendly for no reason at all.
  4. Jesus, whether he likes it or not, is In'a House, boyeee.

For instance, here is my favorite church in Wichita. There is another, prettier church for the Orthodox Catholics, but the church pictured here has been around before I was born. I used to be in awe of its majesty. Look at it! But it never occurred to me until this very trip to question the fact that the Holy Ghost is, in fact, an actual boogity ghost. Complete with white sheet and holes cut out for the eyes by Holy Ghost's working mom who was, apparently, too tired to sew a cat costume.

Now you are in awe, too.


Blogger whirleegig said...

It's my favorite church too and, no, it had not occured to me that the holy ghost is a ghost. Buahahahaha!
I like it more that the Orthodox but it's pretty good too.

4:40 PM  

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