Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Glorious Chicken Display

For about 3 months (since just before the trip to England) I had a Glorious Chicken Display in the Grand Fall Tradition across the front of my desk. It consisted of:
  • 1 faux fall foliage garland in hues of yellow, orange, and red
  • 1 glorious chicken made of Styrofoam and real feathers plucked from a chicken

Needless to say (but I will): It was brilliant. My love for my Glorious Chicken Display was slightly more intense than that for my grand delusions of creativity. I took down the display, but not before interviewing 5 people. None of them seemed a bit fazed. Perhaps (do I dare dream?) they share the unabashed adoration of chickens in all their weird, yellow-eyed, twitchy glory. Yummy, too. I would guess, however, that each was determined not to look directly at it, but to look glassy-eyed straight at me. Chickens can be terrifying.

Behold, there is no foliage to admire, but here is the Glorious Chicken itself. Breathtaking! Behold! Note also the ivy at its side, bought new to replace the crusty, dead one someone shouldn't have entrusted to me. Start the death clock, because the great irony of my life is my inability to keep ivys alive. A sign? All chickens point to Yes.


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