Thursday, September 08, 2011

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Boxed

I've said hateful things about Russell, Taylor's husband. These are "characters" from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. This Housewives show is by far my favorite. Or, it was.

The thing is, finally, we must come to terms with the fact that these are real people. Whatever reasons they have for signing up for this shitshow, we must always remember that they are flawed, fallible, and vulnerable.

Other people have committed suicide after partaking in a reality shows. Google it. It has happened more than you think. This is the most high profile death to date.

The sad thing is this: My feelings about Russell were completely formed by my viewing of the show. I found him controlling, hard hearted, and bland. Take a step back.

Way back.


How many people have we known in real life that would fit that description? Let's be clear: I do not canonize him as a martyr to the cause of Just Realities. There are NO TRUE REALITIES in TELEVISION. It is a hateful lie of manipulation and exploitation. He's just a guy. A regular guy full of faults and annoying outward habits. He is the very definition of banal. No amount of money or faux monies will ever make this untrue.

However, can we say the truth?: A man killed himself. He hung himself in his mansion. He is rotting in his grave.

The decision of Bravo to continue to air the episodes for this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is completely beyond me. Future episodes dedicated to bitchy comments about Lisa wearing a fur hat? Irrelevant. Future episodes dedicated to fashion, stature, riches, idiocy? WHO CARES? Because all people will really want to see is the episode when everyone reacts to Russell hanging himself in his mansion. That is it. Otherwise, the exercise of watching these vapid fools playing their irrelevant games isn't just is perverted and sick beyond compare.

I ask, finally: Who give a FUCK what happens to these real wives now? Why air the show at all? Bravo, are you not just sucking the last dry blood from Russell's body to gain even a smidge of ratings? How far is too far? We have to follow the simple rules of Cylon here: Box it.

This branch of the series is dead. Let it DIE. Along with Russell who died for his own reasons. The thing is: No one gives two flying shits about some rich bitch's furry hat when we know, in the end, that a real person is taking his life and rotting in his grave. Stop.

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