Thursday, April 01, 2010

You GO, Boy!

This totally touched my heart. Because this little tyke has all the right in the world to holla that they shoulda put a ring on it! I particularly love the little sis in the middle who knows what's what the minute her dad declares the tyke is not, in fact, a single lady. We are all single ladies, Dad! Whether we are gay or straight, we are all shaking our shimmy shammies to Beyonce's hot beat. Go, baby, go!

I realized I should explain the "gay or straight" comment: The site I first saw this was making jokes about "let the little gayelle have his due" or whatever, which begs the argument that he should be able to love the song, dance his little ass off, and totally love this song (and the sentiment!) regardless of his future "gayelle" or NOT gayelle status. Can we not wish for the day when this shit never matters?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rori and I loved that! The day when that crap doesn't matter and Rori can read "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE!"

Yes, she can.

AND she can read "You GO, Boy!"

That's riiiight!

9:03 PM  

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