Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mr. T

Last summer, my niece decided to fulfill her gym requirement by taking it in summer school. The last few days of class were spent watching all of the Rocky movies. Yes, I too believe this to be the greatest use of class time in the history of all gym class.

I was home for a visit, so of course delighted in grilling her on the wonderment of film making she experienced: the competition, the drama, the sorrow, agony, thrills, love, music montages, Adrian, bravery, skill, and general upliftedness. In the course of our conversation, I gave my best Mr. T impression and gave the little scout ONE ASSIGNMENT. An assignment she has YET to fulfill (ah hem!). Until she fulfills it, she has a big "U" on her Auntie Grade Card, a far more important thing than her school grades.

To get her motivated, I did the assignment myself. Considering her talent, her eventual rendering will far outmatch mine. Sage: I want my Mr. T drawing!! ASAP, missy. Here are the ones I made for you!

This is the best one by far.

I like this one, too, those his chains look too much like neck wattles.

Clearly my Stallone needs work. He looks like Crazy David Bowie. Some kinds of beauty you just can't capture.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you need her for? Your Mr Ts are fabulous!

She does have homework because she has to earn a scholarship. Momma's assignment.

I hear Spring Break is fast approaching. Who knows what will happen?

11:15 PM  

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