Sunday, June 22, 2008

Updates, June 2008

Things That Are Arrrsome

WallE and Hancock commercials. I love them already. Of course, Will Smith basically just has to show up (in sci fi) to get my vote for President of Movietimes and Popcorn Oils. Love!

Starbucks venti iced-coffee with sugar free cinnamon dolce and a little half-n-half. Only $3:03!

Kathy Griffin, back on Bravo…My Life on the D List, check it out.

People who remembered my birthday…but not my age. Bonus points for liars who claimed I was 24.

The next Presidential election. It’s going down, downtown like a clown, Charlie Brown.

Things That Are Not Arrrrsome

The Happening is just the commercials plus time. You know how some people make it in Hollywood because of superficial nuances? Because they inhabit some niche “look”? Congratulations, Zooey Deschantelnel. Or whatever. May someone with better acting skills someday be blessed with the “Wide Blue Eyes of Wonder” moniker and send you back to the guest spot on Law & Order: SVU mid-season slump. I know I am irritating at least two people right now, but you haven’t seen The Happening, have you? Rest my case.

“Gourmet” wild rice blend I bought for $6 from Fresh Direct. Slime. Gritty slime. What the hell?
People down on Kathy Griffin. Seriously, get over yourself.

Stupid birthday. At a certain point it should be called The Cowbell of Doom. Hilarious side note…I came across some very old ass diaries from the ago time and discovered that I spent the same amount of time (if not more) obsessing about cancer. Still not dead yet! Perhaps this is a lesson? Something along the lines of…stop worrying, dumbass? YAY!

I would like a Democrat in the White House, m’kay? Would he be my first choice? Apparently not. Every time I took that damn ABC News online quiz, it came up Dennis Kucinich. Now, based on mere visuals, I’d more likely vote him 8th Grade Math Teacher from the Past, but apparently he was my main man, no matter how many times I tried to come up with someone prettier. But now that Obama is our candidate, it’s been half enlightening and all sickening to watch the mainstream press bury themselves in racist idiocy. Barack’s baby mama, anyone? No, no, fuck you, Fox News.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I took one of those whose your best pick for president and I did not recognize the name and can't recall it now, he didn't last very long, and the shocking thing was that he was one of those elephant people!! Horrors. I'm a liberal independent. How did this happen? Oh well. I had no idea Lovey that you worry about cancer. When I was young (teens thru mid twenties) I worried about cancer too. It's time to just let go of the old worry bone. Worry doesn't prevent your fears from happening but it does cause other health problems because of all the added stress and we both know which of us is the most stressed and it's not the 61 year old diabetic heart patient is it? Hmm.

9:40 AM  
Blogger Flushy McBucketpants said...

who doesn't worry about cancer? it's my destiny. that or heart disease. when was the last time you heard about someone dying of "natural causes." it doesn't happen any more.

i would like a green party person in the white house, but the magic 8-balls says, "you're an idiot." so there you have it: i'm an idiot.

1:55 PM  
Blogger Shiny said...

I think your magic 8 ball is abusive. I'll send you a hotline number.

I think cancer and heart attacks are "natural"...tho I suppose we can lament about provoking these diseases with Marlboro's and Big Macs. An unnatural death would be something along the lines of an anvil to the face.

If it makes you feel any better, mum, I don't worry about cancer anymore...much. Now I worry about my heart...and it worries about me. We worry together. In a whirlwind of worrisome worry stew. O worry.

2:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stop it! Get off the worry train you Chicken Little worrier you. "The sea's" (not) "gonna boil and the sky's" (not) "gonna fall" (song Thunder and Lightning by Chi Coltrane).
Mommie Dearest

9:15 AM  

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