Friday, June 29, 2007

Shiny Shiny Robots

I live and breathe to see the new Transformers movie. It is true. No, I do not care about Michael Bay and his apparent suckitude. No, I do not care that it might not live up to the fanboy standards. I like me some robots. Bring on the robots!

Ever since that freakshow C3PO went tippy-toeing, bitching and moaning, across the Tattoine desert, I've loved Sci Fi and almost any trash the movie business makes of it. Do I have standards? Few. Am I easily bewitched? Obviously. Do I care? Nyet. And you can suck it.

The ads for the Transformers are fantastic and very promising. I hold on to hope. Also, that fine young man is in it. How could it go wrong. And, contrary to loud harping from a particular, she-who-shall-remain-nameless colleague, it is not pervy to find Shia LeBouf attractive and charming. He's 21 for Jesus' sake. And Jesus says it is okay. So, calm down, little kitten. He's a dish! Being chased by robots! Shiny!

By the way, I like some of Michael Bay's fact, I really-really like several. The Rock, Armageddon, even The Island...what's the problem, people? I mean, its not some yawny snoozebutton snorefest with subtitles about a clown in white holding a red ball for 3 hours, but in a pinch, you might be vaguely entertained, right? Gosh.

Have some faith, see the Transformers, and know that a shiny robot will save any movie every time.


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