Friday, March 23, 2007

Picard Face

I may hemorrhage soon from laughing so hard. Please go HERE immediately. This is a delightful diversion and I will love it 4ever. Thanks yet again to the Adairdevil who may, in fact, be an entity. How does she find this funny shite???

Side Note: I lurve me some Jean Luc Picard. Did I spell that right? Anyway. I love me some Data, some Worf, some Dianna, and even some Geordi LaForge with his damn bananaclip shades. I was an obsessive Star Trek Next Generation fan (remember the one when they kept going back in time? NO, not the finale, the other one when the ship kept blowing up and Riker--love me some Riker--kept screaming "All hands! All hands!" Remember?) but I hate, hate, hate the original Star Trek and most of the movies (including the next gen movies--very, very sad). One exception, the Borg movie--was that the second one?--because resistance is futile. You gotta love a Borg.

Oh my God I just looked at Picard Face again. I think I just popped a vein. Worth it. Completely worth it.


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