Monday, October 10, 2011

Ima Bite You

I am thoroughly enjoying the new show, Terra Nova. Who knows if it will last. At least it outlived The Playboy Club? The first episode was kind of MEH with a lot of glossing over important details, like if you force your way into Terra Nova you get a cursory spanking and then become an important member of the military force. Yeppers. That's how it would happen.

Some of the CGI is pretty hokey. It's not even to the level of Jurassic Park. But seeing that this is a TV show, we have to forgive them. And the show absolutely MUST rely on character development. It got off to a shaky start. Some of the characters--especially the male lead--were incredibly wooden. But things are loosening up. And we see that Stephen Lang has found his calling: muscle-bound, military badass.

I don't think he's a particularly good actor, but even you must admit you were impressed with his HOT ASS BOD in Avatar. His hot ass bod came a distant second to his Raging Asshole Interloper identity, but you get the drift.

The SHOCK of all shocks was when I figured out who this guy really was. For those of you lucky enough to know that Michael Mann's 1983 masterpiece Manhunter beats the living hell out of that shamefest, The Red Dragon (2002), you will also remember the mealy mouthed idgit reporter Freddie Lounds. That is the SAME GUY.

It really is true. The older some men get, the hotter they become. Phtht. Nevertheless, given the chance? Ima bite you.

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