Saturday, June 04, 2011

Game of Thrones!!!

WOW. Wow wow wow. I ignored the hype. I ignored my friend (sorry, bun bun). I ignored the fact that it was an HBO production. Watch Game of Thrones, now.

Let me just say, first, that there is something to be said if a production is from HBO. Never, ever discount it. EVER. Sex and the City (pre-vapid movie stupidity and, erm, the last two seasons, probably), The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, and the EVER LOVIN wonderment of The Wire, the greatest TV series on the face of this earth, were all HBO productions. Yes, in my major nerdville, nyark nyark opinion, The Wire is the best. I love Lost. I love BSG. But The Wire is something transcendent and sweet. When you watch it, you feel lucky that they let you. It is that good.

SO. Game of Thrones! Dayumn. It's a medieval-type swords and (promise of) dragons drama filled with true characters and sneaking humor. Wow! I will admit that my friend's complete obsession coupled with my extreme laziness lead me to finally commit to watching this show. I literally didn't want to get up to find the DVD remote to resume my re-watching of BSG. So, because I have HBO on Demand, I was like, OH WHATEVER, I will play the first episode and fall asleep. And then I stayed up four more hours (til four in the morning) to watch more, more, MORE!!!

There's a grizzled hero, an evil queen, a little person with a cutting sense of humor, bastards, whores, muscled warriors, princesses with power, betrayal, intrigue, and sex sex SEX! Not a family show. Do NOT watch this with the little tykes around...unless you want them to see dirty humping of all kinds. There are...all...kinds. Yep.

So, this is my endorsement for Game of Thrones. Fantastic television. And, if you simply can't stand the genre, watch the intro at least. It is a thing of beauty and charm. Imagine the work that went into it! I can't. I have undying admiration for the nerdwinkles that created it. Beautiful! Same goes for the series.


Blogger Toby said...

Welcome to the fold! Not looking good for the "good guys", but that's what you get for staying on your high horse and trying to stay out of the mud. They pull you into it anyway, but now you're on your back.

10:49 AM  

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