Saturday, May 14, 2011

Black Swan

I thought it was great! I do not agree with Entertainment Weekly's assessment of Natalie Portman's acting as "passive." I actually feel sorry for they not know her work at all? She was truly amazing. Was she the best actress of the year? I couldn't possibly know. But she did a fantastic job and should be commended for it. Amazing.

I wanted to put forth an opinion because this movie has received more opinions than you'd imagine: some full of love, some full of MEH. I'm truly puzzled by the "meh" reactions since everyone in it did such a great job. And, even more so, the movie is a fantastic morsel of weirdness and truth. Note how lonely Nina is: even on the subway, she's completely alone. Her one one-on-one interaction is with an elderly perv making sick kissing noises at her and, eventually, adding in a nasty faux jackoff.

Her world is ballet and her freakshow of a mother. Barbara Hershey plays TOTALLY FUCKING SCARY AND UNSTABLE better than anyone, maybe. Think: The Natural (and shudder uncontrollably). It helps that she also looks like Mickey Rourke, no? Full of botox and bad fat implants. Scary!

So many of us will never understand Nina's terrifying need for perfection. We all know someone who lived that reality, though. Most of us, at least. And the journey is completely understandable, sadly predictable, and worthy of a moment's consideration. I'm glad they made this movie. I am doubly glad because people rarely understand the torture that ballerina's go through. If you get nothing else out of it, know this: They suffer horribly for this art. An art that many (INCLUDING ME!!!!) do not completely appreciate.


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