Saturday, April 09, 2011

Squeeee Times One Meeellion

In honor of Easter, when baby animals are celebrated Christianity-worldwide, let's celebrate the giant dorks of the world: Animal Babies.

Aye Aye's are amazing and endangered. I've posted this dork on Facebook, but this little dude warrants repeating. Note that all of the baby traits are on display: trembling weirdness, yawning, scratching.

Emerson is a baby human. I love him because he is freaking out.

Teeny Kit. You cannot resist the teeny kit.

Puppies are chunkular and doofy. This is breeding by cruel overlords, Humans, but I'm down. What I love about this little poop is the yappy excitability.

Baby Bats are beyond darling. What makes it better? Swaddling.

Otters are like hairy, fat snakes...who knew such a concept would be so freaking squeeeeeeular??? Hearts extreme.

Oh, did you know? Otters are the squeaky toys of the Animal Kingdom?

Lambs are beyond cute. BEYOND.

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