Saturday, February 19, 2011

G String Divas

So, it is on HBO, pimpcentral for all things debaucherous. YAY. I won't lie. I watch the worst of the worst nonporns they have to offer. Oft times, my favorite game is grading the films on which ones fake the sex the when you can tell the guy is grinding on the bellybutton? Just to clarify for all the virgins: That's not where it goes. Uh OH!

So, watching the G String Divas made me think: What, exactly, is my problem? Do I hate strippers? No. I know at least one reformed stripper, and I love her to death. To death! There's nothing to hate about strippers. For the most part, they are working hard for the money. Do not doubt. They do NOT want to steal you flabby ass man. No! They want his fives. Yes ma'am.

So what bothers me about strip clubs? After tonight? Nothing. Because I finally, finally got it!

Life is about choice. I choose to not be with a man who thinks strip clubs are normal or expected. Is that wrong? NO. Because all men are free to choose to be with women who ARE Ok with it. And I am OK with that.

So, what if I found myself mid-relationship with someone who said, hey, baby, it is just a release...I always come home to you? Easy. The answer is NO. And, probably, bye bye. Because I've lived too much time in the midst of liars, and I know the game of oh baby I love you and only you. Etc. Borrrring.

This is a wonderful thing! If you want to have hot times with strippers go for it! YES! Just don't try to date me, too. What is the big deal? We all choose our partners based on certain rules: disease free, hairy (or hairless), smart (or not as smart as me), thin, chunky, funny, serious, religious, heathen, wild, conservative, truthful, flawed. I choose flawed, hair-optional, funny, self-deprecating, body-open, and not addicted or even interested in strip clubs. Unfair? Don't care.


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