Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Week in Review


Undergoes her LAST wedding celebration this weekend. WOW, it's been MONTHS, girl, but finally we're at the end of it, yar? And the best part of all is the fact that your O Canadia friends will get a chance to celebrate your union, drink some red wine, and see your sweet face in person. YAY! Hope you brought a sickass dress, grrrl. PS. When the Yaz gets in her crazy, work-focused space (last day before the long weekend, praise, Jaysus) she pins up her hair and looks absolutely ELEGANTE. That's pronounced "el-ay-gaun-TAY."

(PPS note to Girl: Did you notice the back of "Red Dragon"'s head looks like Darth Vadar unmasked? Do I still think he's hawt? Yessss. SHAME.)

Hey, Let's Not Die Today

The Number 1 Advice to Visitors to New York City (and SHAMEFUL citydwellers who keep forgetting): Check Traffic When Crossing the Street, NOT Other Pedestrians. PAY ATTENTION. You need to understand that people are constantly playing dodge car here--and they absolutely do not care what happens to your sorry ass whilst you are texting, paying attention peripherally, and walking into traffic. SO. Watch the lights, watch the traffic, and don't trust it when someone else walks into the street--only YOU can prevent pancaking. THX.


I don't talk about work here--it's kind of a work-free zone, if you will--but I would like to make one general statement to the cosmos: Think of Others. I mean, before making decisions and taking action...consider the fact that it might totally jack up someone else's hard work, time, and general psyche. Just saying.


Not really work related, but definitely 5th avenue diaspora worthy: Ninth floor women's/handicap bathroom, 3pm, Thursday, a woman conducts a JOB INTERVIEW in the bathroom stall. Which everyone (needing to use the bathroom, hel-LO) in the hall can totally hear. Hey Bloomsbury intern, can you conduct your job interviews someplace more appropriate? Other than on the toilet? THX.

That Is Not My Problem

Been thinking it all week. So much inspiration. Riding the elevator one floor to the chorus of sighs? Not my problem. Cut you off crossing Broadway? Not my problem. Jacking the whole system and asking me to redo all of my hard work? Not my problem. Pancaked on 5th ave? Not my problem. And I'm kicking your dead, texting ass as I walk by, too.

Levi Johnston

Don't care if he's bitter, lame, immature, stupid, or half-lying. After all of the hideous coverage on the health care debate it's a sweet balm to hear such lovely stories about Ms. Palin. Are we so civilized that we can no longer call it as we see it? That bitch is fake. Straight up. Like you didn't know.


Have always loved turtles. Have always tried to make friends. PS. Turtles are not much for snuggles or keeses. Shocker, I know. But these pix make me so happy. SO HAPPY.


Ugh. My joy is knowing in my heart that this is the Trip of My Lifetime. I have time to make it as perfect as I can. I've wanted to go since I took an Art in Japan class when I was an undergrad. I want to see Tokyo with all of the neon and people. I want to sleep in one of those cubby hotels. I want to see the country and the beautiful Heian architecture. I want to visit Hiroshima and pay my respects, no matter how small, no matter how insufficient. If aliens were to visit and choose singular human habitations to experience, don't you think it would be at the top of the list? I do.

However, until I can save at LEAST $3,000 (more, let's face it), I can't do it. Maybe that vaycay to the tropical isle will have to come first. But it's a plan and it is going to happen.

All Good Things Happen in November

Stephen King's newest novel, Under the Dome, will release on November 10.

The Star Trek DVD will release on November 17.

As Leanne Rhimes would say, How do I leeeeeeve without you? I want to know!


Did you know that I'm not so much into it? Except for my freakass mix consisting of all kinds of wrong? So I have nothing new to share. So let's enjoy this!



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