Thursday, August 24, 2006



Was it cheesy? Of course. Any movie involving flight attendants is destined to be cheesetastic.

Was it violent? Yes. There were at least three good "Jump-Out-of-Your-Seat" moments.

Was it gory? Guh. Ya. Several "Cover-Your-Eyes-and-Pray-for-Daylight" moments.

Were the snakes realistic? Ask yourself: Do pythons have alligator teeth? Do snakes look at each other "knowingly"? Do all snakes have alligator teeth? Mmm, probably not. BUT, was it awesome? Hells yes. The snakes were freakin' awesome.

Was Samuel "El" awesome as well? C'mon, now. The man that "walks the earth" and rocks a jeri curl like a Soul Train funk master delivered his mothertrucking lines with mothertrucking authority.

Should you take your children to this movie? There are naked boobies abound, plus some choice derivations of the F-word, plus some really creative chomping on the part of the snakes so...yeah, of course. Bring the kiddies. It will build character. Toughen up the little bastards.

Should you see this movie? Go now. Take a sick day. Take a personal day. Grandma will still be in the home tomorrow. The kids can figure out the toaster (or bring em!). Just go. Go now!!


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