Monday, November 12, 2012

Facebook World

We live in it now, for better or worse.

You can say "worse" is when someone stalks you or acts a fool in your comments. I say Worse is getting birthday notices for murdered friends. Or, at least, murdered acquaintances. It is Jolie's birthday today. And no one has taken down her profile.

People are wishing her happy birthday with the angels. People are posting that they miss her. It is like a memorial that may never end. I think a few don't even know...they are wishing her happy birthday as if she's actually reached it.

I choose to remember her like this: Isley Elementary sleepaway camp, laughing with her too cool for school contemporaries, still sweet enough to be kind to anyone, even if they were losers, nerds, nobodies.

Cruel world, Facebook. I wish you could shut the crypt and stop the outpourings. This makes me cruel, but when I'm dead, my mom has the passwords to shut this shit down.


Blogger whirleegig said...

I have several of these dead friends. I understand not wanting to take the profiles down. It's like wanting to leave a dead child's room exactly the same as it was when she was alive. You want to hold onto some part of them.

The hardest one is my friend who blew his brains out. You would have NEVER guessed he would do that. Nobody would have ever guessed. We are all still shocked. But I feel clingy to his profile. I can still look at his pictures and remember him. I really hope it never disappears.

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