Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whitney, no

I am still in denial. I am not in denial. We all knew it might happen. How did this happen? There's no cause of death yet. We are all assuming the worst...until they say what happened, people will unfortunately believe that it was death by drugs. I feel sick.

Why do I feel sick? Because this woman's work has been stitched into the memories of my life. I remember when she first came on the scene. Her voice was...beyond. Beyond!

How could you not love her...or at least her voice? It was God given, sent from above. When I was about to be married, this song defined my world...

And when my gays were sharing their worlds with me, this song was soaring across the dance floor...

This is only a sampling. We haven't even talked about the cultural additions..."Kiss My Ass!" being one of them, courtesy of Being Bobby Brown. It was so funny, right? It doesn't seem funny now, does it?

Rest in peace, Whitney.


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