Thursday, July 05, 2012

It's Getting Hot in Hell, So Take Off All Your Sins

I cannot take credit for this: This was the fine lyrical artistry of my peeps, Adair and/or Aimee. The actual lyricist is lost in time. But there's not doubt, it is EFFING hot. I hate summer. I knew this summer would be horrible. The winter was so lovely and mild. That, of course, means a hellfire summer. Balls.

So, the mornings when it is already 80 degrees at 6:30 in the morning and I'm struggling just to make it to the train...I just have to go to my happy place. Even Jim Carrey has a happy place.

This is my happy place.
In this hideous heat, I can't imagine what the happy place would be for the environmental workers outside my apartment. There is a sinkhole at the end of my block. Apparently it is 50 ft deep. They've filled it up, but it seems that a damaged water main was the problem, 70 ft below. Here are pictures from a few days ago. I couldn't figure out what the supports were for.

Well, now there are trucks all up and down my block. There's a huge truck with a bed full of tree trunk sized pipes in front of my building. Even now, at 11:15 at night, I can hear the beeping of trucks, the yelling of commands, and work going on right outside my apartment.

I don't care about the noise. I am so grateful they are out there, protecting me from crevasses of terror and fixing the public works that make my home life comfortable and lovely. THANK YOU, NYC!!


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