Monday, September 03, 2007

Housewife Training

I used to cook. I did. Before the full time job. Now? O hells no. More than anything, I used to bake. And I was good, yo. Not anymore. I burn your cookies. I burn your toaster strudel. I burn your water. But I have evidence of glory past...

Christmas cookies, could you die? Note the "police" and "fire dept." cookies. We were straight for Mr. Rogers' neighborhood. Guh.

Christmas Family tradition: An orange and slice of Merck's coffee cake. The marbling is brown sugar, butter, and walnuts. The cake is soft and rich. It is hard not to eat the whole cake in one sitting. In five minutes. Less.

Red, White, and Blue Cheesecake, straight from Gourmet magazine. If you knew how much cream cheese went into this sucker, you'd have a sympathetic coronary. Hot damn, it was good.

If I'd been a better housewife, I would've given this a shot. This is from one of my grandma's old cookbooks, published in 1937.


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