Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Chinese Chicken Cup!

Did you guys see that a Chinese chicken cup sold for $36 million at auction?? Who wouldn't spend that much on a chicken cup?

Speaking of chickens, now that I've learned that we're moving to an open space office in just a few months (and not a  year like we thought), I must take down my Flatiron office and send all the chickens home. No more Fabulous Chicken Display (complete with fall foliage), no more Sticky Wicket Chicken (weird chicken statue gifted to Alan by a copyeditor years ago that I stared at so hard every time I came to his office that he eventually broke down and said HERE TAKE IT), no more Chinatown cell phone chicken (from shi shi!), no more glitter ornament chicken...

...that one is my favorite. Maybe I will try to bring that one with me and hang it where only I can see it. Secret chicken. Secret glitter chicken.

It's no wonder I spent half of second grade recess circling the school yard, singing to myself, alone. Until the second weirdest girl in the class decided to talk to me and turned into my best friend for life. Birds of a feather!


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