Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thank, Snowpoop

So, here I am. I made myself think the worst, but even my VAST imagination never allowed me to consider that my ass would be canceled straight out of a visit home. Which it did. Long story short: 15 minutes before the car showed the website declared my flight cancelled, I cancelled my car, waited on hold for 2.5 hours to discover I could not even hope to get home before Christmas, and here I am. Instead of fighting and hating and gnashing and thrashing to get a speck of vacay, I just decided to reschedule for a later date. Probably January, around MLK day, I think. So, it left me here to find "staples" (read: Toaster Strudels) and take pretty pictures. As much as this storm jacked my plans for family togetherness, I have to say it was a beautiful thing. Some fun facts:

--snow started plummeting off the roof around 4 am, continuing on well into this afternoon, causing me to near-pee every time. I actually yelled once. It scared the whoseywhatsit out of me.

--shoveling gents have time to help little old ladies through the snow. Witness below. It made me so warm and happy to see, I could hardly feel bitter.

--pure snow in Brooklyn is like water in Hades: so rare, so lovely. See below. Kids were going absolutely bananas in all the white wonderment. Though treading through the treacherous paths did require some concentration: yellow and brown snow, BAD.

--watching the Wizard of Oz makes me tearful. We were raised on this movie. All of the songs are like lullaby's from my infancy. The dancing, the songs, Toto! Lions and tigers and bears, OH MY! The curling feet at the beginning freaked me out the most when I was a kid...and I never knew just how hard this movie would hit me on a day like today, when I have to fore go home, at least for a little while. Tears!

Marshmallow peep trash. Note that some snowmonster has already noshed it.

Stairway to Traction. Lesser known Led Zep hit.

Fence full of snow. Better than face full of snow. Take my word for it.

Powdered Ho Ho of my dreeeeams.

Purity, realized.

Mashed potaters. Was so hungry on my way to the store...

The helping hand. Sweet, right?

PS. The Brittney Murphy news is shocking to all, I am sure. It is sad that our first assumption is drugs...can we believe that it might be a genetic thing, or something, maybe? At least until we hear otherwise. Most people will remember her for Clueless (in which she was awesome) but I will forever love her for Girl, Interrupted, and her crazy chicken issues:

Daisy: It has an eat-in chicken.
Susanna: I think you mean an eat-in kitchen.
Daisy: That's what I said, asshole.


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