Friday, July 17, 2009

Sluts v. Virgins = I Hate You, Media and All Slaves Bending, Forevermore

Okay, I’m not stupid enough to believe that the Cyrus family genuinely freaked when those Annie Lebowitz photos first started making the rounds via the earth, but, upon seeing this latest “spread” for Elle, one must ask: WTF?

Really? The photo above is perfectly OK as opposed to this?

Hmm. In one, she is NAKED and EVIL, wrapped in a sheet of Whoredom, no doubt, with little makeup and a, dare I say, sweet expression. In the Elle-spread-her-legs-wider shot, she’s wearing fuck-me boots and a cum-on expression. Guess we’re done playing HORRIFIED over the innocence of little Miley, huh?



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