Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Sidebar Video

I've spent hours (HOURS) looking for this piece of music to share on this blog. It is NOWHERE. When I happened upon Sleeping with the Enemy playing on the WE channel today I thought YES, videotaped the end part, and proceeded to film the spookity Berlioz music parts over and over until I got something at least usable. I hate my camera (it is official now, for those taking score) because it makes an annoying ticky-ticky-ticky noise throughout. But whatever. FINALLY, the scary Sleeping with the Enemy music is in my hands!

Yazzle and I have had great fun associating this music with (I think) my OCD issues (hand washing, do not touch or lick my arm, etc.). Sometimes, when I am feeling particularly tight-faced and frenzied, I like to hum it in my office while wildly bathing in hand sanitizer. It just makes the dirt seem less dirty.

Of course, the association is to Martin Burney's need for organizing everything: his wife, his towels, his cans. Of course, he controls things with his fist, whereas I control things with my stern eyebrows...and my mind.

Not to over explain, but don't get your panties in a bunch about the domestic violence angle. I've run through the snow with my heart in my throat and I don't have to justify myself to anyone. In the end, when she calls the cops and tells them she's shot an intruder, don't think I'm not laughing and hollering every time. Because I am. No one should ever be that scared.

That being said, that music rocks my dirt free world. Here's the great part on the stairs (before the part shown in the sidebar) -- the music is featured better here, but without the cans, well, it's just not as...crazy.



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