Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kittens! Chowing Down

This is not representative of the complete mania that usually greets me in the morning. Also, the radiator was hissing the whole time, so there's a lot of interference. However, you can hear Bug crying and, cuter still, you can see Jack's crazy jack o'latern eyes.

I was going to wait to post a video of the full-fledged lunacy (Snugglebug has no shame and has embraced the concept of Total, Nuclear Meltdown) but I had to post to announce that Jack really is coming out of his shell. For real!! Last night was the first time he sought me out for the sole purpose of being petted. At first I couldn't figure it out. I let him sniff my hand, thinking he'd bolt at any second, but he just waited patiently until I finally got the clue. *Total Joy!*

I was so afraid we were going to have a complete setback after taking them to the vet tonight. But he just came over for more pets and scratches!! And his face is different, too...I thought I was imagining things, but as I was petting him, I realized he was purring. I haven't heard him do that since the first day. He still startles and runs, but he really is coming around! Really Really Really! YAAAAY!!



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