Friday, September 26, 2008

Me Like Tee Vee

Things I am soooo happy about, as far as television is concerned....

I love Chuck. It is a bit basic, but this little dude is quite charming, and the rest of the cast is A-OK.

Hrm. The first episode was a little ADD, but maybe it will chill out? Seriously, let's not burn out on the whole "shocking twist" developments, okay? Still, I am all about Heroes...

Jim and Pam and Pam and Jim. I love The Office with no reservations. Michael Scott? Well, there's a rumor that I am totally Michael Scott at work, which makes me cry, but I still love the show.

Ultimate show. The best, ever. If you don't watch it, I don't want to know. Look. It is better than everything else. And it deserves to win the Emmy every year that it is on the air. And all the other reality programs? Sorry, but suck it. The Amazing Race kicks your ass.


Let's hope we're done with soaring assholes for now. Shut. Up. Lame. Non. Magician.


Blogger Toby said...

I was less than impressed with most of Heroes, episode three. The Sylar storyline is the best so far, the Matt Parkman storyline the worst...Well, maybe tied with the Ali Larter storyline. Clones? Yawn.

Chuck is DVR'd and will watch later this week.

No Connor Chronicles? No Fringe?

11:25 AM  
Blogger Shiny said...

I hate to say that everything is annoying me about Heroes this season. Everything smacks of insincerity. Ug. I have to agree that the Matt Parkman storyline is the most egregious. The "gift" of drawing the future is always somehow in graphic novel style? Really? And is it me, or did that actor somehow grow more amateur since the last season? Double ug.

9:00 PM  
Blogger Toby said...

Also, was it just me who had TV worlds collide in the season opener to Chuck? They used a Flight of the Conchords song when he first goes into the yogurt shop.

8:58 AM  

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