Thursday, November 10, 2011

How You Doin'?

Why do they say Oh Lemmy? I say, Was Yo Numbah, yo?

This reminds me--weirdly--of our Gentle Lamb of Romance, JHoward, linked forever at the right. Why are there not more romantic larpers clad in sweaty leather and raggedy pony tails, ay? When I see gents like the foxy Lemmy I think only of the original yearning cry of all lace-clad, white witch, femme fatales...I Need A Hero!!! Lemmy is your man, ladies.

I am transported back to college when I was briefly pursued by a real, live Wiccan. I remember a brief moment in a dingy, college apartment complex foyer where said Wiccan sniffed my neck and complimented me on my intoxicating scent, that being the perfume Colors by Benetton. Lllllame. For both of us. He was all like, here are my sessay runes, aren't you impressed? And I was all like, SATANNNNNNN! I was kind of scared of everything.

But now that I am old(er), I totally don't care! Bring on your runes, your warlock costumes, your intimate knowledge of Klingon. I love it! Lemmy, where you at?

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