Sunday, October 31, 2010

HOT and Bothered

Look Bieberites, I get it. You are both Hot. And. Bothered. I was like you once, too.

I am old. Old, old, old. Yet I still remember my own obsession's birthday: June 8, 1962. WHY do I remember it? Because at one point I thought it mattered quite a lot. Because I was quite sure we would be married. Because I was, to be blunt, an asshole. And so are you!

Do not fret. This is not a permanent affliction. Soon enough you will realize that the REAL boys in your life are far too hard to deal with...and, let's face it, real. Because no matter how NOT-Bieber they are, they are still, in fact, present. Which, I am afraid, will never be the fact about your beloved, be him Bieber or Rhodes.

Unsmileyface! But Rally! At least real guys can give you romance, heartbreak, herpes, and other assorted lovesores!


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