Sunday, October 31, 2010

Awkward Family Therapy

I have always loved the website Awkward Family Photos, because honestly, anyone who ever spent a good amount of childhood hours at Olan Mills photography, with their standard gray mottled background or BETTER Fall Foliage background, has a whole lifetime of humiliation to relive in family photo albums--or better yet, framed and mounted for all to see in gramma's back hallway. We laugh because we understand. We all have photo evidence of the humiliation, the cross eyed, nose picking, snaggle-toothed horror that is The Family Photo.

But then I realized they had a sister site, Awkward Family Pets. Oh the shivering shame, the cruel cuts of molten memory, laced with acid spikes of fear and shock. I, too, have posed in an Olan Mills photo with a dog. A doberman. The dumbest, most cross eyed doberman to ever live. My mom holds my whole fabricated sense of identity in her wooden framed, slightly dusty clutches. She has the evidence and can take me down at any moment. Let's just say my expression in the alleged shameshow was never as proud as this:

BUT, can I just say, if my lot had been the same as this guy's (SEE BELOW!!!!!!) I would have been the proudest teen in the land.


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