Tuesday, January 06, 2009

KIttens!...are Harrrrrrd

I'd rather be under the bed.

We are getting to know each other. It's been pretty trying because the antibiotics are making the little girl (most likely my "Bug," short for Snugglebug) a virtual fountain of poo. Rivers and rivers...of pooooo. And while the little boy (still unnamed, but most commonly referred to as "The Dude") is more alert, he is still very scared. He's great with the litter (except for some episodes under the bed that very well could have been her) and I would LOVE to just leave him be so that he doesn't have to feel afraid. Unfortunately I have to give them both a dose of antibiotics every day so I have to choice but to get him.

Last night was a pretty bad night, with loads of laundry and me on my knees cleaning up poop in every direction. It also took me almost an hour to chase him down for his medicine, which sucked for him because he was scared and sucked for me because I felt horrible doing it. Good exercise, though. I've been tired and nauseated for two days now, and what I wish for the most is the end of this horrid medicine. They said it would cause diarrhea and boy does it ever.

They are both quietly co-existing in the bathroom together this evening. I'd hoped to get her out for some play time in the living room, but the poo is still flowing freely so I am keeping them both in the sick room. Even though they seem not to like each other much, he seems comforted by her presence, so I'm leaving him there, too. The first night I had them, when he finally ventured out from under the bed, he found a safe spot in the kitchen (I'd put some towels down for him in a dark corner) and proceeded to cry and cry. He started out with these little chirps and worked up to full blown cries. He's not that loud, but the loneliness in it is so unbearable that I was up and down all night. I tried cooing at him, offering him food, talking to him...let's face it, I am not his mommy. Heartbreaking! Finally I thought maybe I should put him in with her. Even if they are not friends, she is, at least, a familiar. That did the trick. So that's where they stay at night.

I figure since they've lived in cages most of their little lives, the sick room (my once sparkling bathroom! weep!) is just a bigger version of that. I am going to go in there to play with her for awhile before I go to bed tonight. She'll probably be game, though she'll be pooing the whole time. Poor thing. We have instant love, by the way. She follows me everywhere and, at a less poopified time, she made biscuits on the back of my head and rolled around in my hair. Oh who am I kidding. I totally had poop particles in my hair. I know, I know.

PS. I'll take more pics when we are more normalfied. For now, enjoy these pics taken by Adair on adoption day. Thanks, Adair!



Blogger Flushy McBucketpants said...

Your cats are awwwwwwwwwesome.

And now you understand my pain.

4:19 PM  
Blogger Shiny said...

Wait, you like them because they are running me ragged, don't you? Cruel! I actually thought about Catsby the other day, wondering if my kitties will transition smoothly from pooping rivers to chomping on my skull in the night...or will they just be chill. ohplease ohplease be nice kitties....

8:28 PM  
Blogger Flushy McBucketpants said...

No. Your cats are awesome because they are way cute.

I'd like to think that your cats will leave you alone at night. They'll have each other to play with. Also, I learned that if you keep the vacuum cleaner by your bed, you can teach them to not bother you at night by turning it on when they try to. Cats fucking hate vacuum cleaners (as I'm sure you already know).

6:54 PM  

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