Saturday, August 09, 2008

I am OK

For those of you who are worried. I really am. Things are weird. I am smart enough to realize that this is to be expected.

And I am watching the movie Serenity again. I watched it long before watching the Firefly series in its totality. I thought it was clever at the time. Man, what a difference time makes. After watching the series, I realized I might DIE if didn't get to see Serenity again. This viewing was far more complex and gratifying.

And now I know (where once I previously presumed) that this is one of the stupidest cancellations in TV history. A singular and wondrous vision. Thanks, FOX, you shitball poopscums.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel absolutely the same way about Serenity and Firefly. Love um fiercely. I didn't know the Sci-fi channel was a Fox thingy. How do you know that? I know you are OK and you will get thru this time. Love you much. Mom

9:12 AM  

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