Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day Two, You Tube Hates Me

And I am so tired. What a draining-ass day.

Nothing to report, Mz. Missing-in-Action, other than all of your office furniture is gone. Don't worry, they left you a bean bag. Time to buy some skorts!

You Tube won't let me post anything, so I guess I'll have to sink to linking instead.

First, an art project from Blu. I have no idea who that might be, but I like the way this weird .org thinks. Click here.

Second, I am loving the Olympic gymnastics. I've loved them ever since my little cousin Julieanne was a gymnast, doing her floor routine to "The Final Countdown." *Hearts.* It made me seek out my very favorite Olympic "moment," Kerri Strug's amazing vault that won them the gold and brought tears to our eyes. Stick it, Kerri!


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