Saturday, July 19, 2008

More Unicorns to Wish Away the Image of Shiny Meat

Show Me Your Big Unicorn Horn

Disco Valerie Drills Holes with Her Great Big Drill Bit

Suck it, Sucka!
This actually makes me a little reminiscent of the olden days, when I knew lots of Dungeons and Dragons believers. People who thought there were special doors scattered across the globe that would lead to alternate universes much like those pictured above. Er, well, except for Disco Valerie's world which, sadly, is the one they are hoping desperately to flee. I wonder what became of those crystal wearing, knife collecting, paint-it-black fantasy land friends? Wal Mart managers? Real estate brokers? Oh please oh please God, please let it be educators feeding the minds of the children. And a congressman or two, making policy for the country with little knives tucked in secret pockets all over their bodies and a fantasy unicorn tattoo spread across both butt cheeks.


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