Thursday, July 13, 2006

Why I Love the Babel Fish Translator

[Note: This was an article written in German for a German newspaper. The interview took place just after the smoking ban took effect in NYC. We wanted to read the article, so we dropped it into the Babel Fish Translator. And this is what came out...]

At the dark Holztresen that?Mercbar? stand Amanda, Erin and Sonia, for three lectors end of 20 on their excursion by the nocturnal Manhattan. Amanda, Gelegenheitsraucherin, does not understand the whole excitement: California, where I grew up, may not smoke since end of the 70's anybody more in Bars and restaurants. That is nevertheless completely normal? Erin finds Bloombergs reason, the cigarette smoke endangers the employees of the Bars and restaurants, and in the city 1000 humans would die by passive smoking, a little convincingly per year: ever a bar man did not meet, who does not smoke? Sonia finally, just like Erin a moderate-strong Raucherin, adds itself into its fate: nervt that, if one must before the door, but is not actually it a large thing. Some people have me already in former times asked rauszugehen. Smoker to be in this country, is now times a lonely affair? And an expensive. A packing cigarettes costs approximately sieved dollar, only if one orders it like Erin and Sonia in large quantities in the InterNet, at present kriegt one the box for four. Other customers in that?Mercbar?, a multicolored people from the creative central layer, gives itself from the new regulation unbeeindruckt. It is as darkly as always, the loud music forces to bodynear communication, and the cocktails flow as used. Only air is irritating clearly. And from time to time someone disappears before the door.


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