Friday, August 15, 2008


Say what you want, but for me, this is one of the greatest Olympic moments ever. Stick it, Keri!

I can remember screaming bloody murder after she stuck that one-legged landing. I have loved gymnastics for forever, it seems, mostly due to my beloved cousin Julianne. God love you, girl, remember when you did your floor routine to "The Final Countdown"? I kees you from afar!

In terms of Olympic viewing history, this is also the day that I learned Bob Costas was the DEVIL. Him, his broadcasting ring of evil, I don't CARE who you are...shut UP about who wins what, especially just before your damn viewers are about to watch it. I don't care who made the call to blab it, I blame YOU, Bob. You ballsucker.

Good thing for you, Mz. Strug made it something to watch.


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