Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Shiny, Shiny Lip Gloss

OK, so over Christmas break I incessantly harassed my mother, sister, best friend, and anyone else within listening distance because I couldn't remember what kind of lip gloss I coveted back in 1978. This is important shit, yo. People need to snap to attention.

My query sounded something like: "What was that really popular lip gloss that all the girls wore back in the late 70s, early 80s? It was bubblegum or something?" The answer, of course, was Bonne Bell Lip Smackers, available in many disgusting flavors. There was even a Dr. Pepper one, remember? Vile.

My head would not accept it. Yes, that was a popular brand...but not what I was thinking. Why couldn't these people just pry it out of my head? Were we all hopelessly senile already? Dag gummit.

So, today, since it is Tuesday--SUPER Tuesday, if you will--I went for a lunchtime hunt on the internet. I perused the advice columns ("I'm PREGNANT with my pastor's BABY whatever shall I DO?"), read some "weird news" ("Woman Arrested after Crowbar Falls from Pants"), breezed past the election buzz, hopped onto Wikipedia in hopes it could tell me WTF is a "widget" and how do I get one, tried to find pictures of vintage Halston fashion, which took me down a path that finally brought me to the answer I'd been searching for all these long months. SEE PICTURE.

I would never have figured out the name, not in a million years. Maybelline kissing potion, available in many sticky-sweet flavors, including Bubble Gum. Now do you remember?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes! I'm so glad your quest has ended.
Now you'll stop bugging me about it ;)

2:36 AM  

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