Thursday, November 17, 2011


I was trying to remember some of the obscure songs I loved in the 80s. The first song below was the one I got hung up on...I remembered something about space, one clip of lyrics that contained none of the hook, and something with a "K." Amazing how the brain works as each piece of information brought on another weird bit. Of course, I needed to get home to the internets to hunt down the rest. All of my dorky clues somehow got me here!

And more...because it is time for a nice music montage to soothe the book fatigued brain. No moar bookz kay??? Btw these songs are so 80s!!!

Disclaimer: I realize some of these songs would not be considered "obscure" to some (or many), but in Wichita, Kansas, they all were. In 7th grade a girl asked me what my favorite song was and, having just watched a mind-blowing Mtv Video Music awards I said "Like a Virgin" by some chick named "Madonna." You'd have thought I'd just spit on a painting of the Holy Mother. Whorish sacrilege! But that Madonna woman finally did break through, even in Wichita. The songs above? far as I knew, I was the only lonely geek who liked them in all the state of Kansas.

PS. Isn't that performance phenomenal? I remember a sort of shocked pause before the applause. You could almost see the future unspooling for her to superstardom, no?



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