Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wiki wiki wiki Whaaat

So this Wikileaks thing reminds me of church. Oh wow, how, you ask. Let me tell you.

I think Julian Assange looks like a boy-child rapist. I'm actually surprised that he's under suspicion of raping women. There, I said it. But my opinions are warped because he looks just a little bit like my ex, the freakazoid who was a Scorpio and into S&M. So when I see him of course I think KILL KILL KILL. But not because I think he is "un-American" because, hey, why should he be? Because, well, he's not American. Wise up, pundits. It's not International Law to be "pro-American"...or did you just realize that? Sad!

Anyway. I see all of the Wikileaks that have come out so far and it does make me nervous. Of course I don't want anything to happen that will possibly put me, my family, or any other loved ones in danger. Extremists, hatists, and governments do not give a flying fuck about me, my family, or my loved ones. They'll drop a bomb on us because we are what we ARE. Dirty, dirty Americans. It hardly matters how nice we are. The same is true reversed. (Curious? Well, we've dropped plenty of bombs on innocent folk who were no more representative or responsible for their governments than me or mine are, so. So.)

So, why am I supportive of Wikileaks, at least in theory? Because it reminds me so much of church.

I grew up in the Quaker church. WOW, right? Such a lovely and idealistic--PERFECT--religion to grow up in. And I must say, I never, ever heard one word speaking against another religion or people, ever. In that, they were fine and upstanding. And the religion has definitely helped formed me into the person I am. I do not believe in railing against other religions in favor of my own. And I do not believe that war is ever the answer.

BUT. My church is like every other church: humans. Devious, manipulative, selfish, cruel humans. It is a sad, sad thing. But every organized religion shares the same thing: humans. Desperate, scheming, clique-ish, mean-spirited humans.

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone's true selves were exposed to the light? The rapist (alleged) exposes governments, the Vatican, and other guilty parties to the Light. Why not my idealized church? Instead of believing that "Quakers" are pure of heart, how about seeing true moments of cruelty? Like when a poor child was shamed on Easter for not bringing the necessary funds to participate in the Easter Egg hunt, and at the ripe age of seven? Or when she had only the other outcast to chose as a friend after being blatantly rebuffed by the preacher's kids, even when she tried. And how about watching the nasty politics of inter-church fiscal decisions, the infighting, bitch slapping, and general petty power plays that permeated through that and any and everything that ever had to do with that church.

I would sit there, nails to palms, wanting to believe the message. All the while feeling sick, defiled, and cheated. Good job, organized religion.

And that was my only comfort! Knowing it was not just my church, but all the churches. The hatefest was universal; the petty sickness infects everyone. It's never the religion, folks. It's the people. The diseased, selfish, cruel heart of humanity.

Wikileaks is unsettling...even alarming. But I'd wish it upon every church in this land and every land. I am not perfect. But I'm not pretending to be, much unlike every church in existence. Golden rule, anyone?


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