Sunday, December 12, 2010


The rehash of the moment goes like this: I dipped my head and said "Oh Crap."

This is not a lie. I did. Not because I didn't appreciate it. But because I knew the whole company would be watching me with all of their EYES and OPINIONS. I know I heard clapping and wooing and other forms of support, but mostly I just heard my heart in my ears. Nevertheless, it is WONDERFUL to hear appreciation for work done, and done well, this year (and every year, yes, but this year was an unknowable level of bitchkitty) and of all the overtime and tears (youbetcha) spent over this job.

I got this lovely dish from Tiffany & Co. and--can I just say--no bitch has EVER given me anything from Tiffany & Co. so WHATEVER, it made me goddamned happy. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY. I got recognized for my efforts AND I got that blue box that indicates True Love.

I realize the company may not have everlasting True Love for me (I'm not an idiot), but they can certainly buy my love this crystal, blue boxes, and clapping. I mean, duh?


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