Saturday, November 20, 2010

I Apologize

Some years ago I got into a bit of a fray with a friend and coworker over pit bulls. I was on the side of banning and killing them due to their obvious evil and threat. She was on the side of "You are fucking crazy, calm down." This was not long after that story about the schoolteacher killed by dogs in California was going down, and I was completely and totally terrified by it. And, like all cases of fear, I was completely irrational and survivalist in thinking.

Years later, I saw the video below and thought, hm.

So I started looking at other videos on YouTube. Around this same time, Michael Vick was arrested for cruelty to animals (among other things) and, as you should expect, I finally saw the light. Pit bulls are DOGS. That seems obvious, doesn't it? And any dog can and will be a good just needs the right owner. How stupid and rigid I was. I am very ashamed of myself.

Here's the dog that flipped the Hateswitch in my head.

Could you not just DIE of squees??

So, to be clear, I am sorry. More than sorry. I hope that people come to their senses and realize it is NOT the dog, it is the HUMAN. These dogs should not be punished for the evil we create. That includes ignorance. The breed is blameless. In fact, the word "breed" should say it all. Given a chance in a good home, these dogs are the kindest and sweetest of them all.


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