Saturday, April 18, 2009

Beautiful Saturday Night

The weather is sublime.

The Wire, season 4 is playing.

The wine is merlot.

The Jack is trilling his cute little ass off. AND, jumping on the couch with regularity. To attack Snugglebug. And then they groom each other. The only thing that stops them is my incessant screaming. Because it is so fucking cute I could DIE. Die!

Snugglebug's cuteness is relegated to her sleep: She really does look just like "Hobbes" when she sleeps with her little head turned 180 and her paws are all curled. You've see the pictures. Her belly fur really is as soft as it looks. Unfortunately, if she wakes up when you are snorgling that belly, it's all nails, all in.

Jack, however, has developed quite the little shimmy shake. When he's hunting--be it Snugglebug, a mouse toy, or a piece of lint--his ass goes high in the air and shakes like a little go-go dancer. By the way, what is the evolutionary logic in that? I mean, I get the circling to part the grasses in order to sit down, but what hunting advantage does shaking your ass in the air do...aside from identifying said predator as a cuteywootybooty? Do explain.

The video below is total crap. Look, my camera is balls. Because it was flattened by big balls and a round ass. But you get the gist, right? And sorry for all the "FUCKS." Unfortunately, its like birdsong in the hoods of Baltimore.

PS. If you haven't watched The Wire, figure out a way to make this happen. Don't let the grim subject deter you. I won't lie: it's grim. It's hard. BUT. Here's the thing: It is art. Real art. No bullshit. As you watch it, it is hard not to be shaken and thrilled by the fact that this is the real thing, finally. The acting is beyond phenomenal. The writing is beyond phenomenal. Everything about this show is above and beyond...just beyond! I can't push this show enough. Please please please watch it. You've heard plenty of critics pushing countless shows, but you should believe the hype on this one. It delivers.

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Blogger ymathew said...

um, i was craning my necking and twisting my screen this way and that to try to get a glimpse of the dice.

I know you are rolling it, Ms. Bonus.

Also, I really want to watch the Wire right now.

10:37 PM  

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