Sunday, February 15, 2009

Week(s) in Review

It is true that my life is consumed with kittens, kittens, kittens, but I did notice other things lately:

This Week in New York City

All I can remember was the mighty wind. It was fantastic to pinwheel down Broadway like a jacked up, brainless scarecrow. Also, poop grit is awesome to get stuck in one’s eyeball.


UGH. What is happening with people having litters of children? It is ridiculous that the octuplet mother is getting death threats, but I can understand the underlying outrage. The fact that she was able to undergo the procedure and bring 8 babies to term makes no sense. I guess doctors can do whatever they want now? And the taxpayer should be honored to pay for it?

Why are the news outlets so afraid to say the obvious? She’s crazy. Something is terribly, terribly wrong with this woman. She’s self medicating with the sad, totally dependent love of her children/victims. Instead of a blessed event, it is a cry for help that no one heard or cared to hear. Now this family will not be able to survive without the help of public assistance.

This Week in New York City Train Stories

I was disturbed by a not-so-celebrity sighting this week. She had the minimum amount of signs on display when I spotted her on the uptown R, but they had the same message: No no no! Sadly, it was easy to identify with this. I often think the same thing when I am on the dirt-greased subway.

Joaquin Phoenix is Either a Total Tool or a Genuine Genius

My favorite thing, however, was his declaration back in November:

“Bye! Good”

This Week in Hot Sex Topix

Warning, don’t click it if you can’t take it. A simple explanation: there are people out there who fall in love with (and have sexual relations with) inanimate objects. Objects both small (crossbows, fenceposts) to impossibly large (amusement park rides, Eiffel Tower). It’s weirder than you are imagining . . . and not exactly pornographic . . . still. So, click it if you dare, just remember that I warned you. I linked it through the blog that I like to read (warning, it is also quite spicy) because I thought her introductory explanation at least somewhat prepares you for what follows.

Batman Sticker Day

Soldiers on. Let it never die! Thanks for the instructional website, Willard.

This Week in a Trance

This makes me piss my pants.

This Week in Skunk

Some wonderful neighbor was cooking what I can only assume was skunk gland soup last evening. Hey, asshole, I am sure skunk is quite delish if you remove the glands. Here’s a nice recipe. Why don’t you give it a whirl?

AND . . . Kittens are Cute, After All

Let’s look at more of them . . .

Some adorable things of note:

1. Kitten Chow pieces are hilarious. Snugglebug has devised a game where she picks up a single piece of Kitten Chow between her to paws, flings it in the air, and chases it all around. Her reward, of course, is eventually eating it. Woe is the live animal or bug who first introduces itself to her.
2. Jack prances like a prince. He’s like a show pony. You really have to catch him at it, though. (Don’t feel compelled to watch the whole thing, please, but at least wait for the midair collision.)
3. Snugglebug thinks bathwater tastes great. I have to ward her away after every shower, or she’s in the tub, licking up the suds.
4. Jack loves to have his face rubbed. If I put my fist in his face, he smacks his cheek whiskers into it and rubs his whole head on my knuckles really hard. When he gets totally worked up, he flings himself to the floor, rolls on his back, and presents his belly for pets. If he gets even more worked up, he curls into a cute little cruller and grasps my hand with his paws. Seriously.
5. Snugglebug has a shoe fetish. She cuddles, bites, and rolls around on my brown flip flops like they’re her best good friend.

6. Girls really are the dominant ones. But he is trying – I especially love the little air slap before the final takedown. My poor little boy.


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watch the wedding singer much?

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Blogger Shiny said...

Clearly you do. It was on while they were cavorting. Which lasts like NO time (30-45 minutes) and then must be followed by 12 hours of napping.

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